Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978

Boosting the sales of Finnish/domestic solar panels.: Salo Tech Oy and Onninen Oy begin cooperation

Finnish solar energy expert Salo Tech Oy (Ltd.) and Onninen Oy, the market leader in technical wholesales, have started cooperation. From now on you can purchase responsibly manufacture Finnish SALO® Solar Panels from the large distribution network of Onninen.

Salo based Salo Tech Oy (Ltd.) is the only company in Finland that manufactures solar panels based in conventional technology.

“We have a long history as a domestic solar energy operator dating back as far as 1978. From the very beginning it was clear to us that we want our own products to represent reliable, long-lasting high quality. The main reason why we began the manufacturing of SALO® Solar Panels in 2015, was that we wanted to absolutely sure of what we are selling. With an in-depth knowledge of our products, we can safely issue a long warranty for them”, describes Anu Areva the Sales Manager for Salo Tech Oy (Ltd.).

“Responsibility has been the basis of our business from the very beginning. Therefore, it was important to us to find a partner who shared the same values. For us, the cooperation with Onninen means a strong belief in Finnish work and products, from both partners. By including SALO® Solar Panels in their selection Onninen is supporting both Finnish labour and new innovative Finnish technology”, Areva continues.

SALO® Solar Panels have received the Keyflag-symbol. SALO® Solar Panels can be considered local products in the solar market because they are manufactured locally in Finland and installed in domestic locations. By using. SALO® Solar Panels the total environmental benefit of locally produced solar energy is greater because the carbon footprint for their manufacturing is smaller than that f imported panels. SALO® Solar Panels are made with monocrystalline silicon cells, the supply chain of which is easier to track. “Through the cooperation with Onninen SALO® Solar Panels are now even easier available for Finnish customer”, says Areva.

“Onninen is the only operator in the technical wholesale business in Finland. We are extremely glad that we can support Finnish labour by expanding our selection of solar panels to SALO® Solar Panels products innovated and manufactured in Finland. We estimate that the interest towards solar energy will increase and with the start of this cooperation we can offer our clients a domestic choice of products”, comments Arto Koivisto, International Category Director from Onninen.

“High and steady quality are production principles of foremost importance for us. Nowadays solar panels are thin and light, but they still must withstand the harsh conditions of the Nordic climate, be able to produce high levels of energy for 25 years, and stay functional for about 50 years. SALO® Solar Panels are manufactured with high-quality materials. We have received ISO certifications for our manufacturing and IEC certification for SALO® Solar Panels is pending. This means that an international testing body has with various schemes tested different qualities of our panels, including durability, energy yield and safety”, says Anu Areva.

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