Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978



For more than four decades we have been creating solutions that have helped in decreasing the use of conventional energy sources. With years of research and development we have created numerous sophisticated technologies that have made it possible for us to open the world’s first fully automated solar panel factory in Salo Finland.

We are determined to be the best at what we do and influence in the whole solar sector by setting the industry standards in terms of product quality and energy production. Our goal is to keep innovating and creating new products and solutions so that one day there will be no need to rely on fossil fuels.

We also have a profound understanding of the harsh conditions of the Nordics and therefore know what is required from our products. We believe that with our own Finnish design technology know-how we can offer you the best solutions for harvesting the energy of the sun whether you are a private consumer, a company, or a representative of the public sector.

Among renewable energy resources, solar energy is by far the largest exploitable resource, providing more energy in 1 hour to the earth than all of the energy consumed by humans in an entire year.

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The story of Solar Finland started in 1978 when the founders begun importing solar energy components to Finland.

At first while the market was quite small, products were sold only to be used in summer cottages, boats, and mobile homes.

As the demand grew, Areva Solar Oy (now Salo Solar Oy) was established in 2013 solely for selling solar energy systems.

The quick growth of the market also meant that there were more and more cheap, lower quality solar panels available with no guarantee of their durability against the Nordic climate conditions. The idea of setting up a manufacturing line and producing our own high-quality panels started to take shape.

In 2014, the manufacturing company Salo Tech Oy (formerly SaloSolar Oy) was established, and the production of Finnish-made SALO® Solar Panels begun in Salo on a 22,5 MW manufacturing line. After two years, all companies moved in new facilities, and a brand new fully automated 100 MW production line was commissioned.

Caption: Solar Finland is based in Salo in Astrum Center, which formerly was the headquarters of Nokia. The roof of Astrum Center is filled by a large solar power plant producing energy for the whole building.