Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978

Solar Finland establishing a production facility for photovoltaic modules in Thailand

Finnish corporation Solar Finland Ltd, a Finnish solar energy corporation, has signed an agreement to establish a joint venture in Thailand. The investment company Solar Finland Investment Ltd has agreed upon establishing a joint venture with an aim to establish a production facility for photovoltaic modules in Thailand. The joint venture, Salo Tech Thailand Ltd, […]

Mono-Crystalline PV modules – socially more responsible solar energy

Salo Tech, the subsidiary of Solar Finland starts to use only monocrystalline silicon cells in the manufacturing of SALO® Solar Panels to avoid the possibility of human rights violations. “It is of utmost important to us to act responsibly”, comments Esa Areva, the CEO of Salo Tech. Around 90 percent of the PV modules sold […]

Monocrystalline modules producing more energy than Polycrystalline modules

Monocrystalline modules win in a power production capacity comparison against polycrystalline modules, according to Solar Finland. Both module types have been tested in a long-term testing rack in identical natural conditions. Salo Tech, one of the daughter companies of Solar Finland, aims to set the standards for the power production capability and durability of modules […]

The efficiency rating of solar panels is a significant factor

High long-term energy yield is one of the primary things that is expected of solar panels. Comparing solar panels with different power ratings etc. can, however, be quite difficult. SALO® Solar Panels have recently reached a relatively high-efficiency rating of over 20%. Long hot summer and the rise in electricity prices have inspired Finns to […]