Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978


Solar Finland and its subsidiaries with strong long-term background are experts in all aspects of solar energy.

Our extensive know-how and experience of over 40 years make it possible to develop in different areas making our products and services competitive in the solar energy markets both domestically and abroad.


The companies in Solar Finland group are spread throughout the solar PV sectors each covering their own market areas. Whether it is manufacturing solar panels locally, designing and building production lines, or sales, design, and construction of comprehensive turnkey solar solutions, they all belong to the expertise area of Solar Finland.

The scope of our operations, seamless co-operation, and communication between companies as well as the expertise gathered through decades make Solar Finland a remarkable and unique operator even on a global scale.


Solar Energy Systems

Salo Solar designs, sells and builds comprehensive turnkey solar electricity systems.

Solar Panels

Salo Tech manufactures and sells high-quality Finnish SALO® solar panels.

Production Lines

Salo Automation designs and builds production lines and machines meant for the production of solar panels.

Solar Parks

Salo Energy builds solar parks and invests in local solar electricity.

What kind of solar energy services could we offer you?

Have you considered a solar energy system for your home or for your company and are not sure where to start from?

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