Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978




Production Lines

Salo Automation designs and builds production lines and machines meant for the production of solar panels.

The automated architecture of Salo Automation production lines makes them modern and competitive in global markets.

As the market for solar energy grows, solar panel manufacturers are continuously balancing between production costs and product quality. Manufacturers have no power over the costs of the raw materials, that is why the manufacturing process must be made as efficient as possible, not forgetting product quality.

Salo Automation production lines are using world-class automation technology due to which production is fast and extremely homogenous. Thanks to its modular structure the production line is scalable according to the volume needs, in addition to which it is highly adaptable for new raw materials and components.

Salo Automation home page

More information about modern and state-of-the-art solar panel production lines can be found on Salo Automation’s home page.