Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978

Designed for Nordics,

Made in Finland

Salo Tech Oy manufactures Finnish SALO® Solar Panels in a manufacturing plant located in Salo Finland.

SALO® Solar Panels are designed for Finnish weather conditions. They can withstand heavy winds, rains and snow loads and retain their power producing ability for years to come.

SALO® Solar Panels are manufactured with a 100MW fully automated production line. An automated production line enables large production quantities, minimizes human error, and ensures the high quality of the product.

SALO® Solar Panels are tested multiple times during the production process to ensure their quality and durability for the next decades. We grant all SALO® Solar Panels products comprehensive material warranty, manufacturers’ warranty, and power production warranty.

Salo Tech home page

More information about high-quality Finnish SALO® Solar Panels can be found on Salo Tech’s home page.