Sunny energy from Finland, since 1978

Mono-Crystalline PV modules – socially more responsible solar energy

Salo Tech, the subsidiary of Solar Finland starts to use only monocrystalline silicon cells in the manufacturing of SALO® Solar Panels to avoid the possibility of human rights violations. “It is of utmost important to us to act responsibly”, comments Esa Areva, the CEO of Salo Tech.

Around 90 percent of the PV modules sold in the European Union are made with polycrystalline silicon technology. According to Bloomberg, four out of five of the largest polycrystalline silicon factories in the world are located in the Xinjiang area in China. In January 2021 the consultancy Horizon Advisory released a report according to which the production of polycrystalline silicon can be linked to the use of forced labor from the Uighur minority.

“After we heard about the report, we began to go through our supply chains even more carefully. We agreed that we want to avoid the risk of acquiring PV cells from a manufacturer who uses raw materials the production of which is linked to human rights violations. The possibility of that risk is high because supply chains are long and cell manufacturers can use raw materials from several suppliers at the same time. Social responsibility is one of our key values which is why we have decided to focus on using only cleaner and higher quality monocrystalline silicon cells. It is easier for us to monitor the supply chain of monocrystalline cells”, says Esa Areva.

“Responsibility in all areas has been the basis of our business from the very beginning. When the manufacturing of SALO® Solar Panels was originally started the quality of imported products varied a lot, so our main goal was to manufacture and sell modules for which there would be no doubt about their quality. Energy efficiency and durability in the Nordic climate conditions have been factors that have been strongly considered in the design, material selection, and manufacturing process of SALO® Solar Panels.”

“Cell technology has taken major leaps since we began. Both mono- and polycrystalline-type PV cells have significantly improved their ability to capture light coming from different angles. Monocrystalline cells are more efficient than before and a more socially responsible choice in producing electricity from the sun”, Mr. Areva continues.

Solar Finland Oy (Ltd.) is a solar energy corporation comprising of four daughter companies, all based in Salo Finland. Salo Tech Oy (Ltd.) manufactures Finnish solar modules branded SALO® Solar Panels. Salo Solar Oy (Ltd.) designs and installs comprehensive solar energy systems. Salo Automation Oy (Ltd.) manufactures fully automated solar modules manufacturing lines for the export markets. Salo Energy Oy (Ltd.) is an energy company, producing and selling solar energy.

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